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by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-02
Pigment filling machine, filling machine for liquid can filling viscous liquid and water-based materials. Paint filler is integrating mechanical, pneumatic, automatic production line, with a high degree of automation, high yield, wide adaptability, good stability, etc, the current mode is more and more perfect and mature, high technology content, good quality, is the ideal of daily chemical, paint manufacturers. Work process: automatic small bottle of paint filling machine starts, by automatically output plastic bottles, bottle machine output belt line, press the bottle accurately into the dividing plate mold, circulate in the each station bottle using the index plate, the filling station, gas cylinders in the liquid filling under normal pressure by head into a bottle, no bottle no filling. In the plug location, plug manipulator to transfer by vibration plate internal plug pressure into the bottle, in sealed by location, affix a manipulator would carry through the vibration plate, with a bottle on the lid, the lid is tight, modesty in the outbound, the bottle by the popup. Above is the namesake fizzy pigment filling machine, can according to the linear demand allocation liquid filling machine, bottle type can be adjusted according to bottle height, width adaptable. Equipment characteristics: 1. Filling machine adopts four filling, faster ( According to the actual situation assembly) 2. Insert the filling head bottle filling function. 2. Automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic screw cap 4. Stepless speed regulation 5 machine. Fully automatic touch screen operation. 3. Design, materials, manufacture, assembly, debugging, conform to the requirements of the GMP seven small bottle of paint filling production line contact materials and related parts adopt high quality stainless steel manufacturing. 4. Automatic small bottle of paint filler run stable and reliable, no noise pollution, etc. 5, based on the rapid changing device for cleaning parts, easy disassembly and cleaning
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