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List the hose coupling agent filling and sealing machine to common problems

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-23
Hose coupling agent filling and sealing machine is widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, food, chemical and other professional selection hose filling liquid packaging products. Hose coupling agent filling and sealing machine features: with automatic tube, positioning, no tube no filling and automatic tube function. Coupling agent to some common questions: tube filling and sealing machine low check whether the actual running speed of the filling and sealing machine is the same as the initial debugging good speed of the standard; Whether low detection LEISTER heater in open position; Low detection device of the compressed air supply pressure whether reach the equipment in normal operation requirements; Test whether the cooling water flow is smooth, and whether the temperature of the cooling water within the equipment required size; * check whether the filling of the filling and sealing machine has the phenomenon of drop of cream, especially to ensure the paste untouched on the table within the walls of; The inner surface of the low hose don't touch with anything, so as to avoid contaminated tube sheet wall; Low detection LEISTER heater inlet is normal; Whether low detection of internal temperature of the heater probe in the right direction; Low head convulsions detection heating equipment operation is normal.
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