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Liquid bottle filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-28
Liquid bottle filling machine features: 1. Automatic line liquid filling machine adopts plunger metering pump for filling, high precision. 2. PLC control system, color touch screen display, convenient in operation adjustment, the filling capacity in speed, automatic counting, parameter setting switch, etc. 3. Liquid filling bottle filling machines for bottle filling, head of the drip tight device, in the process of filling, filling head into bottle slowly rising, which can effectively prevent bubbles. 4. Small liquid filling and sealing machine adopts SUS34 and 316 l stainless steel manufacturing, in full compliance with GMP requirements. 5. The filling machine and unique design, reliable operation, good coordination and synchronization is good, it can also be integrated into the production line to use. 6. With good performance of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life. 7. The automatic filling machine all materials in contact with the material of stainless steel material, easy disassembly, easy to clean, accord with food hygiene requirements. 8. Filling volume and filling speed adjustment is simple, no bottle no filling, liquid level automatic control of feeding, beautiful appearance. 9. No need replacement parts, can be adjusted quickly and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications, high applicability. Can contact Jin Zong filling machinery manufacturer specialized customized production of various materials filling machine production line and automatic filling machine equipment, production process requirement for material recommended a variety of production plan, filling machine equipment information.
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