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How to prevent heat exchanger in burning explosion

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-11
【 Heat exchanger burning explosion accident the following reasons: 】 (1) oxygen bomb attacks. (2) the violation operation, operator error, cause explosion overpressure valve is closed. (3) due to corrosion ( Including stress, intergranular corrosion) Crushing strength decline, the tube bundle failure or severe leakage, fire explosion. (4) heat exchanger for air tightness test, will use the oxygen filling pressure with combustible refining gas leakage, caused an explosion of the physics and chemistry. 5. Homemade heat exchanger, blindly will equipment structure and material to make big changes, manufacturing quality is poor, do not conform to the pressure vessel code, equipment strength is reduced greatly. 6. Not for a long time of drainage, flammable and explosive substances ( Such as nitrogen trichloride) Accumulation is overmuch, coupled with high temperature cause heat exchanger ( Such as liquid chlorine heat exchanger) In a violent blast. All landowners welding quality is poor, especially in weld lack of penetration, joint and not inspection, blasting pressure testing of weld inspection, lead to welding head leak or produce fatigue fracture, and a large number of flammable fluid overflow, in case of fire, explode. 【 Precaution: 】 (1) strictly controlling the content of oxygen. (2) heat exchanger design, the manufacture of pressure vessel should comply with the national standard requirements, drawings to modify and change must be approved by the competent department of experience quality qualification. (3) it is forbidden to illegal operation, strict operation regulations. (4) heat exchanger for air tightness test, must be the adoption of dry air, nitrogen and other inert gases, oxygen or combustible gas experiment or fill pressure is strictly prohibited. (5) heat exchanger manufacturing, to ensure the welding quality, strict inspection and weld. 6 for easy scaling of the fluid can be regular cleaning, scaling to clean off. All landowners fluid of corrosive medium, should pay attention to improve the quality of the material and welding quality, increase the wall thickness or add corrosion in fluid preparation, regularly check the pipe surface corrosion situation and to test the easy corrosion damage of equipment, to take effective measures.
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