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Honey how filling? Paste filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-16
Semi-automatic paste filling machine is a good choice. Honey sauce is obvious, at present, we don't care about bulk packing honey manufacturers, some of them are remote or have special requirements, we must use the semi-automatic filling machine. Semi-automatic vertical filling machine it is especially suitable for honey, wrapped in small bottle, use vertical semi-automatic paste filling machine is used for all kinds of honey, don't worry about the droplets leakage, low limit to product packaging requirement, but also can speed up the filling. Semi-automatic paste filling machine is a common classification in filling machinery. Because of its vertical structure, it occupied area is small, in special industries with special requirements or pulp is very popular among manufacturers, has a great deal of manipulability and convenient filling quantity adjustment. Semi-automatic paste filling machine belongs to the piston type filling machine, filling viscous liquid can be easily and paste, paste, its working principle is roughly, the piston driven by cylinder, to extract and rushed out of the material, the material flow is controlled by a check valve, cylinder stroke is controlled by a magnetic reed switch. Don't think that simple equipment design concept and the function is simple, the more sophisticated equipment, to reflect the paste filling machine in the production of intention, vertical semi-automatic paste filling machine is suitable for small bottle of lotion or narrow bottle paste products. Semi-automatic paste filling machine, also called single-head semi-automatic vertical filling machine, he can according to demand accessories mixing function, heating function requirements, the need to use the semi-automatic filling machine of the customer, to know more information about the semi-automatic paste filling machine, filling machine can contact Jin Zong customer service.
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