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Heat transfer enhancement heat exchanger technology is introduced

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-18
From various strengthened heat transfer technology to improve the heat transfer coefficient, can be divided into the active and reactive power, also called active strengthening technology and passive strengthening technology, active strengthening technology and passive strengthening technology. ( A) Reactive power technology besides conveying power consumption of heat transfer medium, no longer need additional power. On heat transfer surface machining processing surface or coating. For example, notching, knurling, rolling, molding, welding, sintering, deposition and coating, etc. , to form a concave, hole, its rough height under influence of single-phase heat transfer the required height. Rough surface from type sand grain roughness to the discontinuous projection and so on many structure forms of rough surface. In the tube, fluid flow resistance and heat transfer coefficient is determined by the height of the rough yuan and the degree of light. When rough yuan height is lower than the thickness of laminar sublayer, rough yuan completely submerged in the laminar sublayer, its flow resistance and heat transfer coefficient with smooth tube, the same only rough yuan prominent on the outside of the laminar sublayer, began to disturbance action on fluid movement, the more higher, strong disturbance, the heat transfer coefficient increases, therefore, resistance to flow also increases accordingly. Extended surface obviously, enhance heat transfer in many aspects including the expansion of the outside of tube and tube surface, such as outside fin tube, uneven, notching, louver fin and tube, by increasing heat transfer area to reduce to spread heat resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening heat transfer. Including groove tube, needle rib, spiral rib, rib and groove again. When the fluid flows through the device, will flow out of the area and the intensity of the formation of different, the size of vortex. The vortex of the filter altered the fluid flow structure, enhanced the fluid turbulence degrees of near wall area, thus improve the convective heat transfer coefficient. Eddy current device in order to improve the tube heat transfer coefficient of the laminar flow conditions, can be inserted in the tube metal mesh, twist belt, static mixer, ring, disc, such as components, make the fluid produces radial flow, strengthen the mixed fluid, promote tube fluid velocity and temperature distribution uniformity, thus to raise heat transfer coefficient. Additives flow of additives, including single-phase flow of solid particles and air bubbles, and trace liquid additives in the boiling system. Additives have the droplets in the gas or solid particles. Jet impact fluid through the circular or slit nozzle spray directly to the solid surface for cooling or heating method. Due to the fluid solid wall directly, process short and thin boundary layer, so the heat transfer coefficient is higher than the average pipe flow. ( 2) Active technology of mechanical agitation of various types of agitator in the convective heat transfer active strengthening technology most widely used, it is the use of mechanical transmission belt blender, high viscosity fluid mixed well, thereby enhance the convection heat transfer between the fluid and the heater or cooler. Commonly used mixer has a spiral, vane and anchor, the first two for smaller liquid viscosity, anchor is mainly used for high viscosity fluid. Surface vibration and fluid vibration on the surface of the most direct way is to use electric vibrator, also some motor drives the eccentric device is used to realize. This method is more difficult to achieve in the project, because the quality of heat exchange equipment, vibration and also easy to damage. And then put forward another method, that is, fluid vibration. The vibration of the fluid flow pulsation device available or voltage converters, the vibration frequency can be due to the electric field of the electricity from the electric charge caused by the movement and the fluid velocity field coupling phenomenon, can significantly change the movement of fluid, and strengthen the fluid mix, thus can make the heat transfer enhancement. Injection including flow through porous surface of the heat transfer to the injection gas in the liquid, or in the upstream of heat exchange period of similar liquid injection. Remove the process of the gas in the liquid on the surface, also can produce reinforcement effect similar to that of the injection. Suction is included in the bubble boiling or through porous film boiling heat surface to remove steam, or, in the case of a single-phase flow through the porous surface of the heating liquid. In addition, there is the so-called composite reinforcement technology, the strengthening of two or more than two applications at the same time. Such as rough pipe or spiral tube then insert, such as heat distortion belt in containing the insert or inner fin tube, the tube in the heat transfer fluid additives, rough wall surface with fluid quality, etc. , through heat transfer enhancement in order to get better effect.
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