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Fully automatic grandma washing filling and sealing machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-04
Cleansing milk, cream, hair dye, toothpaste, shoeshine, glue, AB glue, epoxy resin material such as the ideal filling equipment and practical. Automatic grandma washing filling and sealing machine set in one machine, all production operation and can fill have different requirements for folding or sealing plastic tube, aluminum tube, lead tube and pipe. It can automatically complete the supply of pipes, the standard, the inside of the hose filling, sealing, Fold) , code printing, finished product export servo control, data operation and adjustment are displayed on the touch mode screen, direct operation, accurate measurement, three layers namely thermal heater tube wall, nondestructive membrane tube outer wall design, product seal beautiful, no tube no filling. Pipeline supply and cleaning adopt pneumatic way, accurate and reliable, the use of photoelectric sensor to complete the automatic calibration. Easy to adjust and remove, intelligent temperature control and cooling system make the operation simple and convenient, convenient adjustment. With the number of memory and quantitative stop device.
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