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Fuel filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-04
Automatic liquid filling machine is improved, and added some additional features. Make the product in operation, the error precision, install, equipment cleaning, maintenance more easy and convenient, etc. Performance characteristics of fuel filling machine 1, fuel filling machine widely used in daily necessities, chemical liquid filling, fats, oils and other materials. 2, the machine structure is compact and reasonable, simple appearance, appearance beautiful, easy to adjust volume. 3, the filling head, automatic filling machine has six by six cylinder drive, loading materials faster, more accurate. 4, Germany FESTO, Taiwan delta air combat pneumatic components and China Taiwan hydraulic control system performance is stable. 5, material contact parts made of 316 l stainless steel. 6, using optical device, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, high quality electrical components. 7, easy to adjust, no filling, no bottle, accurate filling volume and counting function. 8, filling with drip tight and drawing function partition, high foam products used for the filling and improve the system, positioning system and liquid level control system, to ensure that the positioning of the bottle. 9, fuel filling machine equipment structure compact, design effective, features simple beauty, easy to adjust the filling quantity. Application: widely used in food, spices and other industries, can be different filling liquid products. Instance products such as soy sauce, vinegar, whose, whose, white vinegar, soy sauce, soy sauce, white vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, seafood sauce, etc.
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