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Double cone mixer process difficult to solve the problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-17
Double cone mixer, solved the problem of the powder material is hard to mix at other mixing equipment is difficult to mix effect, all kinds of powder material with water and dry mixing, wet mixing paste shape to meet the requirements of GMP pharmaceutical and food industries is difficult to solve process problems for many years, is specially developed for powder mixing and high-speed and efficient mixing machine equipment. Double cone mixer solve problems are as follows: 1, double cone mixer, clean simple, as long as you add water to the hopper, boot, and then released, the water can be cleaned. 2, double cone mixer sealing structure is carefully designed, sealed performance is reliable, maintenance, dismantling is convenient, all gear after heat treatment, long service life. 3, mixing, could not find any small balls and small pieces, mixing time is short, mixed 150 kg powder just 3 - every time 4 minutes. 4, double cone mixer feeding, as long as the pull board, boot or point move can make the material out completely. So on the operation is simple and health, don't need to use hand to contact materials 5, feeding, feeding is very convenient, when feeding, little material, the raw material one-time added into water, then cover according to the set time to boot. 6, double cone mixer in chicken essence and other spices, pharmaceutical, chemical raw materials of powder material mixing, contacts on outsourcing, material are all made of stainless steel.
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