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Daughter pharmaceutical use KZ - The type 180 fast granule machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-20
Daughter pharmaceutical use KZ - fast granule machine Type 180 fast granule machine in October 2011, the daughter health preservation fang health products co. , LTD. , buying the KZ - from our factory The type 180 granule machine, ZKB - fast K type particle packing machine, DZ - 60 type automatic pelletizing machine, LM type honey smelting machine, RXH - 48 plate heat cycle oven, CH - Type mixer, YK - 200 The type 160 heavy particles machine, GF - 30 b with dust turbine self-cooled crushing machine and other equipment. Has been put into use. Why use fast granule machine whole grains? Because the material after particle mechanism size, still need to dry, but drying particles of caking, so need to whole grains. Some companies to save money, still use particle machine whole grain, but after the whole grain with powder, particles and easy broken, grain quality is bad. What reason is this? This is determined by the particle machine whole grain principle: particles machine work, seven Angle edge roller rotary extrusion materials, the material particles from the mesh, some are turned into powder by extrusion. Fast granule machine working principle is: three triangle knife is surrounded by a sieve tube, the material between the cutter and sieve tube. Work, screen rotation, knife don't turn, equivalent to screen don't turn, knife in the rotation. Rotating blade drive material to cylindrical sieve, due to the speed, the material in contact with the screen hole edge moments, equivalent to shear, material quickly through the screen mesh, rarely forming powder, granule efficiency is 5 - particle machine 10 times, the pellet product evenly, less powder. So in order to get high quality grain, fast granule machine must be used. The graph is daughter health preservation fang health products co. , LTD. , the production department Huang Lingfang acceptance KZ - rate, director of the employees The type 180 fast granule machine.
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