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Boiler feed water automatic softened water treatment equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-03
A water treatment equipment, boiler feedwater automatic softening process softened water treatment equipment, key components are rich to companies in the United States FLECK, body non-toxic harmless, long service life. Softened water treatment equipment is the Yang resin to soften water, the main purpose is to let Yang resin absorption of calcium and magnesium ions in water ( The main components of the scale forming) , to reduce the water hardness, and can undertake resin regeneration, recycling. Fully-automatic water softener is a water softener operation and regeneration of each step to realize automatic control, and use the way such as time, traffic, or other device to start regeneration. The majority of users to import softened water treatment equipment have a misunderstanding of the political, is the device can automatically guarantee water softening water qualified. In fact, all imported fully automatic water softener flow control and time control, output value of the cycle are calculated, in general, debugging personnel in setting equipment cycle output bore a certain margin, the normal operation of equipment, water hardness can generally. But when there is a seasonal change, water change, equipment failure, the factors such as resin problem, the actual water production equipment capacity will change. So for the use of imported fully automatic water softener for low pressure boiler water supply users, no matter from the policies and regulations, or from the boiler safe and economic operation point of view, separate water quality laboratory work is indispensable. Softened water equipment, the characteristics of the boiler feedwater automatic softened water treatment equipment, selects the high performance ion exchange resin, work exchange of large capacity, low energy consumption, the longest service life. 2, the control part adopts imported controller, guarantee the safe operation of the equipment. 3, automatic control system, water stability, use convenient and quick operation. 4, reasonable structure, easy installation and operation. 5, can be used according to actual needs, personalized design corresponding equipment. 6, wide application, can be used in the steam boiler, hot water boiler, air conditioning, steam condenser, heat exchangers and other water equipment. Can also be used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartment and dealing with water, and food, beverage, wine, soft water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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