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The structure principle of paste filling machine is outlined

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-07
Cream filling machine structure of cream filling machine applicable to the paste, viscous liquid, thick sauce class bags containing particles, and bottled filler material. Another configurable screw cap, sealing, labeling, code printing, sealing machine, filling machine equipment, assembled into the initiative of the filling production line, product structure, the structure and principles of excellent quality cream filling machine 1. The active pressure hose into the pipe die; 2. Choose elastic, when tight type tube cup, ensure sealing height consistent; 3, choose stepper driver tube cup rotation of the color code system actively, active to ellipse and other special-shaped tube can be the standard; 4, choose mechanical transmission methods of material system, ensure the stability of the load; 5, pipe bottom starting material injection method; 6, choose the original Switzerland LEISTER hot air; 7, hot air sealing tube wall, the outer wall of tube cold water circulating cooling. Ensure that the sealing effect of beautiful; 8, through the fan, will produce harmful gases emitted after heating; After 9, sealing, equipped with air cooling system, prevent quantity of heat conduction to paste; 10, the active control of the PLC; 11, high-definition video stainless steel frame; 12, and easy to end the cohesion between emulsifying machine, filling machine; 13, size diameter change between operation simple and clear; 14, filling and sealing for batch number one active end; 15, is active on the tube, active scavenging tube sealing function, actively looking for standard, active; 16, can be stepless frequency control of motor speed, large capacity of the pipe end warehouse actively cooperate with the host on utility; 17, end production active quantitative control; In the 18th and batch number printed on own initiative; 19 appeared, intuitive interface and control; 20, floor type large capacity on active warehouse; On the 21st, adsorption positioning device; 22, hose direction inversion active detection, omron inversion test cell can accurately detect the horse hoses; 23, CAM indexing; 24, hose interior clean and dust recovery device; 25, have trouble alarm, door open, mechanical overload stop device; 26, injection material chooses the blow-off injection combined with block style material method ensures that the filling of high viscosity material; 27, optional column materials active stirring temperature control system; 28, ultrasonic hopper level active detection system. The BANNER of ultrasonic level detection probes used with Siemens module can accurately control level and intuitively show the touch screen; 29, have no tube no filling accuracy control function;
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