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The reaction kettle industry overcapacity stepped into a crucial stage

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-24
The reaction kettle industry entered a crucial stage - with excess capacity The company's main products: chemical container equipment, reaction pot, tower equipment, efficient rotary film evaporator ( 1. 5m² - 16m² Fixed, activity type enclosed board) , shell and tube heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger, air temperature evaporator equipment, etc. Reaction kettle by kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, mixer, gear, shaft sealing device, bearing, etc. High mixing plant in diameter is larger, the multi-layer stirring blades are available, and also can be arbitrarily selected according to the user's requirements. Kettle set jacket outside the wall, or in the internal displacement hot surface, also may carry on the heat transfer through the outer loop. With supporting or ear type bearing, etc. Speed should be used more than 160 turn above gear speed reducer. Opening quantity, specifications or other requirements according to user requirements design and production. Reaction kettle generalized understanding that has a physical or chemical reaction of the stainless steel container, according to the requirements of different process conditions of the container structure design and parameters of the reactor configuration, design conditions, procedures, inspection and manufacture, test based on relevant technical standards, Jin Chang ty so as to realize the heating, evaporation and cooling process requirement and the mixed reaction function of the low speed. The pressure vessel must follow GB150 { Steel pressure vessel} Standard, normal pressure container must follow NB/T47003. 1 - 2009 { Steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel} The standard. Then in the process of reaction pressure to also have different requirements for the design of the container. Production must be strictly according to standard processing, testing and commissioning. Stainless steel reactor according to different production process, operating conditions, such as is not the same, the design structure and parameters of the reaction kettle, namely the reaction kettle structure style is different, belong to the underlying container equipment.
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