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The paper filling and sealing machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-07
Filling and sealing machine can be all kinds of paste, paste, such as viscosity fluid material smoothly and accurately in the injection hose, tube end and hot air heating, sealing and batch number, production date, etc. Filling and sealing machine is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other professional or big diameter, can filling liquid, ambition is useful, the economy model is filling equipment. Stepper motor applications in filling and sealing machine: 1, the working process, tube warehouse ( Hose container) → Automatic pipe & rarr; General calibration & rarr; Inside the hose cleaning ( Option) → Packing & rarr; The tail hot melt & rarr; Bonding and sealing, play word & rarr; Hose orientation & rarr; Shear & rarr; Products. 2, working principle, choose PLC program control. Automatic tube, color calibration, air cleaning pipe space and the deepening of the injection nozzle material tube filling, tail pipe wall heat cooling (heating, the outer wall of tube end Circulate cooling water drainage) , hot pressing play word, tail shear, products. Parameters of the digital. In the filling and sealing machine, zui crucial step is the hose. Filling and sealing machine maintenance: 1, for all rotating parts before starting the oil every day. 2, cleaning: machine wash it necessary to turn off the power and air compressor; Remove the unity of seal and screw in place, not on the machine, cleaning, parts do not knock against, be very careful, ban with the hard iron with a touch of filling valve and the filling valve with sundry device, avoid stuck off the machine. 3, maintenance, all equipped with grease nipple butter with grease gun at least once per week; Scrubbing machine appearance every day, it is strictly prohibited materials fall into the mold cup, if falls into clean immediately, adhere to the machine clean and beautiful. Green and the principle of sustainable develop filling sealing machine is professional and more functions will be set in the area, such as, temperature, humidity, fresh visualization, etc. In the long run, filling and sealing machine should be satisfied to carry out the green packaging to seek, to assist more professional complete green edible, antibacterial, sterilization, deodorant, etc. Enterprises should be the diversification of market development with each passing day goods supply timely and flexible production technique, at the same time, it should be based on the reasonable simplified method of the practical need of packaging and packaging process, continuously explore, to speed up the steps of technological innovation itself.
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