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Process for spiral plate heat exchanger fouling problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-23
The spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger. In the coking plant crude benzene production in use in the spiral plate heat exchanger. But the spiral plate heat exchanger fouling leading to poor heat transfer effect has become an important problem affecting production. Therefore, effective prevent scale becomes the key to the production. Heat exchanger as the realization of two kinds of material in the industrial production of heat transfer equipment, has been widely used in chemical industry has always been, spiral plate heat exchanger is used as a heat exchanger similar application in the chemical industry's each link, is an important auxiliary equipment in chemical production. For spiral plate heat exchanger fouling problem is one of the most common failure forms. The best way to solve the spiral plate heat exchanger fouling is strictly operation process procedures, keep good daily maintenance, and regular cleaning. 1, the basic structure of the spiral plate heat exchanger, types, characteristics and working principle of 1. 1 basic structure, type and characteristics. 1. 1 basic structure of the spiral plate heat exchanger is made up of two long rolled steel plate stacked together, and on every plate uniform ground welding a column spacing, it produce certain spacing between two pieces of board, and to form in hot runner. Distance column have the effect of support plate resistance to fluid pressure, also in the change of hot runner of fluid flow increase turbulence to improve in the role of thermal efficiency. Adjacent two flow through the two different kinds of fluid temperature, they through the spiral plate heat transfer, heat transfer. 1. 1. A, not detachable type 2 types. After rolling spiral plate heat exchanger, and its welding dead ends, sealed, form a fixed structure, internal reach port. It is suitable for not easy blockage of fluid heat transfer. Not detachable type, the structure of the horizontal and vertical. B, detachable. After rolling spiral plate heat exchanger, each side will only one runner welding to death, and the other - A port is open, and then in the end face seal with end cover, the cover can be removed, in order to clear the flow inside. It is suitable for easily blocked flow heat transfer. C and special form. Some of the chemicals in the spiral plate heat exchanger, according to the requirements of processing technology, the need for special structure, with a head on both ends, end cover, or string together two heat exchanger structure is different. 1. 1. Three characteristics of compact structure, cover an area of an area small, high heat transfer efficiency, high operating flexibility, wide application range, small heat loss, convenient installation and cleaning, etc. The heat flow long, large flow channel spacing, heat-resisting temperature, not easy to leak. So it in high thermal efficiency, heat the temperature of cold media accessible after the temperature of the heat medium, suitable for viscous material and materials containing particles of heating or cooling process, but not suitable for containing fibrous material heat transfer. The spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of efficient heat exchanger devices, applicable to steam faw, the steam - Fluid and a liquid heat transfer, etc. 1. 2 two working principle for the heat transfer medium, if is liquid, in the flow passage of the spiral plate heat exchanger according to countercurrent flow way. Upstream refers to the heat transfer of the two adjacent two liquids flow passage, along the spiral flow in the opposite direction, each other can always maintain a certain temperature difference between the two kinds of fluid medium, so as to achieve the best effect of heat transfer. For two kinds of medium heat transfer, one a liquid, the other is a gas, they in the spiral plate heat exchanger to flow in the cross-flow way, namely liquid along the direction of the spiral flow in the heat exchanger, and gas directly through the heat exchanger of axis, this is mainly considering the characteristics of the gas, gas generally require large flow, small resistance, or have a plenty of for steam condensation, so don't usually make gas along the direction of the spiral flow. 2, spiral plate heat exchanger in the coking plant crude benzene production in coking plant, the application of my unit to produce recycled more than crude benzol section using a spiral plate heat exchanger as the main heat exchange equipment. Constitute the main heat transfer in a spiral plate heat exchanger materials, mainly divided into two categories: carbon steel and stainless steel. My unit scale and corrosion problems of coking plant in order to avoid the emergence of the stainless steel material is not detachable spiral plate heat exchanger.
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