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Pot inspection institute built national energy-saving heat exchange equipment quality inspection center for CNAS certificate

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-03
Gansu news on December 28, according to the quality and technical supervision bureau disclosed recently, pot screening hospital preparation by national quality supervision and inspection center for energy saving heat exchange equipment state certification and accreditation regulatory commission awarded the examination institution authorized certificate, certificate of qualification and aptitude province pan inspection institute for conformity assessment in China national approval committee awarded the laboratory accreditation certificate and inspection agency approval certificate. By the conformity assessment of China national approval committee review panel site assessment, energy-saving heat exchange equipment quality inspection center of national undertaking certificate of recognition and ability of testing and inspection services listed in attachment, including fixed pressure vessel quality and performance testing, so the heat exchange equipment quality and performance testing, nondestructive testing of special equipment, special equipment made of metal materials and products physical and chemical inspection, special equipment with rubber products quality inspection, experimental water, industrial oil such as 8 categories of 12 areas, a total of 129 test/inspection program. Is completed, the center will be responsible for the related products of quality supervision, inspection and arbitration, provide testing service to the society, for our country's energy saving heat exchange equipment testing, design research and development, saving energy and reducing consumption, standard system ( Fix) Order and industrial services provide powerful test platform, quality assurance and technical support.
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