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Liquid filling machine improper operation problems

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-23
Automatic liquid filling machine can be different filling of high viscosity fluid, the machine design compact and reasonable, simple and beautiful appearance, easy to filling quantity, automatic filling machine in the process of operation have what trouble, what is the cause of the problem? Below: 1, PLC relay contact output point adhesion is the main fault. Failure phenomenon is after the signal to start the machine operation, but after the stop signal, motor did not stop. When power PLC, motor stops. 2. Proximity switch failure, the failure reason is melting knife is on the decline. It is not in conformity with the packaging. Rising molten knife proximity switch signal lost, just when the knife plate contact protection packaging, melting knife automatically back up. 3, magnetic switch failure, failure mainly for subsequent cylinder action, the reason is that the cylinder speed too fast, cause the magnetic switch detection signal, if push package roller speed too fast, the reset push package, package and melting knife roller does not work. Failure of 4, the electromagnetic valve and solenoid valve mainly for cylinder does not work or not, the reason was that the cylinder solenoid valve can't reverse or blowing air, if the electromagnetic valve blowing, because the wind at the inlet and outlet of the connection of the road, the pressure of the machine. When to work pressure, will not rise knife beam in place. Automatic filling machine design reasonable, compact concise and beautiful appearance, easy to filling amount, the above is the common fault in automatic filling machine is running, if you want to consulting, can feel free to contact Jin Zong customer service.
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