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How to maintain cooking oil filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-15
1, edible oil filling machine replacement lubricating oil, add lubricant to the equipment is an important measure maintenance machinery, especially during the season, the north cold weather more pay attention to the use of lubricating oil, prevent oil solidification spring and summer. 2, replacement of seals, filler words in use process, because of the high friction in the process of operation, easy to seal aging, in normal work should also pay attention to the use of mechanical parts. In the event of wear or loose, should be replaced immediately, sealers also easy aging due to temperature, it is important to note that the use of spare parts. 3, pay attention to clean. Regularly check whether there is filling aircraft fuselage residues, and keep the body clean, in addition, every time at the end of the work, the material should be clean inside the fuselage, to avoid affect the next step of work, to prevent the residual oil equipment. Every once in a while, edible oil filling machine should be kept, especially in the fall and winter, only do a good job in maintenance can prolong the service life of filling pattern.
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