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Horizontal ribbon mixer is introduced

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-16
Horizontal ribbon mixer discharge way: big open structure, using pneumatic materials has the advantages of fast discharging, no residual; High fineness material or semiliquid material adopt manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve. Configurable heating or cooling jacket. Heating mode has electric heating and heat conduction oil heating in two ways. Cooling process can be directly to infuse water jacket and clip hot swap area is large, the cooling speed. Small type mixer adopts reducer direct mode, simple structure, high operating reliability, maintenance is convenient. Large number mixer adopts pulley drive the cycloid speed reducer drive, belt transmission of elastic coupling has the advantage of the overload protection when driving part. Horizontal ribbon mixer is widely applied in putty paste, really stone paint, powder, putty, medicine, food, chemical, fodder, ceramics, refractory materials and other solid - Solid ( The powder and powder) And solid - Pulp ( The powder and rubber slurry) Mix, especially for viscous material mix. Of fiber content is larger, the difference of density of material mixing, the mixing machine is not suitable. Putty paste, really stone paint, biology, medicine and food industries, it is recommended to use stainless steel material. In general, mixed with vitrified beads dry mortar materials, recommend the horizontal ribbon mixer is fast. Between the motor and the stirring shaft through the cycloid pin wheel reducer straight league, simple structure, high operating reliability, maintenance is convenient. Horizontal ribbon mixer on the drive shaft of double spiral blade, internal screw will be material to the outside, click here to add caption of spiral material will be gathered to internal. Material under the convective motion of double spiral belt, form a low power efficient hybrid ring lead. Installed on the stirring shaft diameter screw driven barrel body material, make the agitator in the barrel scope biggest flip material. Mixing plant to work within the screw drive near the axis of the material do the axis of rotation, axial on both sides to promote from within and outside the spiral do axis of rotation drive near the barrel wall material, axial by both sides to promote, the mixed material can be uniformly mixed in a short time. Horizontal ribbon mixer is introduced foreign advanced technology, through our professional and technical personnel of nitration innovative designs, is a new type of high efficient mixing equipment, horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, compound fertilizer, dyestuff, pigment, rubber, building materials, food, milk powder, health products, feed and additives, aquaculture, bioengineering, fine chemical, ceramics, refractory materials, rare earth new materials, nuclear materials, plastics, glass and solid - of the industry Solid ( The powder and powder) And solid - Pulp ( The powder and paste) Material mix.
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