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by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-27
Jin Zong high speed filling machine manufacturer specializing in the production of liquid filling machine adopts multi-head automatic piston liquid filling machine in the original filling machine series products on the basis of improved design, and added some additional features, make the product in the use of operation, accuracy, machine adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance more easy and convenient. Widely used in Japan, such as the oil industry, can be on different high viscosity fluid filling. Machine is compact and reasonable design, beautiful appearance is concise, the filling quantity convenient adjustment. The machine has 4 - 16 synchronous filling head, quickly and accurately the filling material, adopts the Germany FESTO, Taiwan AirTac, SHAKO pneumatic components and Taiwan in electronic components, stable performance. Material contact parts adopt 316 l stainless steel materials. Device that USES Han Guoguang eye, Taiwan electric components, PLC and France adjustment is convenient, no bottle no filling, filling quantity and accurate counting function, using drip tight with wire filling cocks, prevent high foam products filling lifting system, to ensure that the bottle mouth positioning of the positioning system and liquid level control system. Liquid high speed filling machine is used for filling all kinds of liquid, including all kinds of beverage, pharmaceutical, and so on. Filling machine for filling liquid, so liquid containers must be kept clean, used by filling the container must pass strict inspection and cleaning, not drink contaminated after filling. In addition to filling machine cleaning, keep filling workshop clean and tidy is also very necessary, because in the process of production taboo due to filling machine itself quality problems. Lead to normal operation of the production line, therefore in the use of filling machine should pay attention to the sterilization, ensure clean, low temperature filling. Ensure clean methods mainly include: keep liquid filling machine pipeline cleaning, all piping and indirect or direct contact with the pipe material, in particular, should keep clean, once a week to scrub, water every day, every time sterilization; Ensure that filling machine is clean, the material groove to scrub and sterilization, ensure that all parts in contact with materials not fouling and mixed bacteria. The production process to ensure the biological stability of bottled drinks sterilization methods, must be good control of sterilization time and temperature, to ensure the effect, to avoid a long time or temperature is too high, reduce drink oxidation, when as soon as possible after cooling temperature is not more than 35 ℃. Low temperature filling is to drink filling requirements, usually drink product in low temperature environment is not easy to bubble, is advantageous to the filling. In filling machine, before every work to filling machine with ~ 1 ℃ water tank and pipeline temperature is reduced, when filling temperature of 4 ℃ temperature should be reduced after irrigation.
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