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Functional features linear filling machine production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-11
Here is linear filling machine production line, the work process of the filling machine production line, including automatically unscramble bottle, automatic transmission, positioning detection, automatic filling, automatic out of the bottle, automatic cover, screw cap and so on hype, need only the touch screen control is a key to open open. Straight line filling production line, automatic filling open automatically switch installed in the screen operation, in a straight line filling production line of automatic transmission, can count on a bottle can detect the bottle empty seat at the same time, if the position is vacancy, you can control the corresponding filling head filling, not as a bottle filling production line filling area meet the filling level, pneumatic switch, open the back door out level of full bottles. Linear filling machine production line position of the export of photoelectric detection, the calculation of filling bottles. When filling area on the number of empty bottles and bottle filled with liquid level of phase at the same time, open the pneumatic switch let empty bottles into the front door and so on, the above is a straight line filling production line production process in detail. Straight line filling production line adopts servo drive to realize filling equipment structure, the control function of the body can be adjusted machine independent feeding, automatic identification system can be realized without bottle filling, straight line filling production line can use submersible filling, prevent foaming explosion-proof material, equipment production parameters, debugging adjustment adopts touch screen digital, filling with high precision, fast efficiency, simple. Linear filling machine production line for liquid, water, paste filling material, such as a variety of piston type filling way, vacuum, suction, scoop, etc. , according to the demand of product production process, can contact the customer service consulting product information, provide detailed information, provide free automatic filling machine scheme can observe to factory.
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