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Filling machine production line maintenance knowledge

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-20
When filling machine production line equipment in everyday use how to maintenance, and maintenance, the service life of these details can decide equipment. 1, each time you use filling machine production line, each time after work, have to check all the sets of chains, into the system and the system, check whether need to add oil, have very important driving system, bearing and gear, shaft, etc. Also need lubrication. If the work intensity is relatively fixed, change the frequency of the lubricating oil should be fixed, filling machine production line equipment maintenance is very good. 2, in the operation of the filling machine production line, also should pay attention to its running situation, especially to observe whether equipment parts is abnormal or not synchronized, this kind of phenomenon often happens, because the original tighten loose part, should check whether the hydraulic pressure and liquid level is abnormal, also want to check whether the hydraulic pressure and air pressure is abnormal, more important is check whether the nozzle filter need to be replaced. With the passage of time, the various dimensions of impurities will block the screen. 3, should pay attention to whether there is residue inside the filling machine production line equipment, a day at the end of the response equipment for deep cleaning, especially in the nozzle and nozzle are easy to jam, and pay attention to choose the emulsion with good quality, each quarter with water cannons kept clean, etc. , for a long time need not when, must first deep clean and add grease. Is 4, just mentioned for daily use should pay attention to the maintenance of knowledge when filling machine production line, these details are small, but decided the equipment can run for a long time and cleaning effect, otherwise, many residue deposition in equipment, easily.
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