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Detergent filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-07
Contact with the liquid detergent filling machine of all parts are made from high quality stainless steel, has the property of corrosion resistance, it can adapt to different work environment, and meets the requirements of GMP standard, and the surface has been polished, appearance beautiful, and will not pollute the environment, suitable for non-viscous filling machine, and different shapes of bottles. Detergent filling machine performance and features: 1. Scour the filler has six filling head configuration number according to the demand, driven by cylinder, faster, more accurate filling material. 2. The automatic filling machine adopts pneumatic components and electronic control components, stable performance. 3. Material contact parts made from 314/316 l stainless steel. 4. Detergent filling machine adopts touch screen control, accurate filling volume and counting function, light eyes device precision positioning packaging materials. 5. Drip tight and drawing function, the use of filling the elevating system, positioning system and liquid level control system, make sure that the bottle mouth positioning, prevent bubbles in the liquid filling. 6. Quantitative filling valve with high precision, high speed, liquid level is accurate, no leakage and ensure the filling technique requirement; 7. Has the perfect automatic control and protection devices. 8. Equipped with a complete overload protection device, can effectively protect the safety of the equipment and operating personnel.
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