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Detailed instructions on automatic tube cleaning head machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-13
Automatic hose cleaning 1 head machine, through chemical test, microbial test validation, the leftovers leftovers not beyond the rules set limit to ensure that equipment appearance, verify the results within the allowable size of rules, will pose no pollution to the next type of consumption. 2, proved by using the protection rule of maintenance of equipment according to the equipment to promote clean, residue reached the requirement on equipment. With effective promote validation of after cleaning. 3, 3 validation content. 1 per batch validation protocols after the consumption, according to the equipment cleaning, use and protection maintenance guidance book promote clean. Cleaning after the completion of the chemical testing sample and microbiological testing sample. Should first take microbiological testing sample, after close to the chemical test specimens from bearing. 3. 2 automatic tube cleaning procedures 3 head machine. 2. 1 cleaner: purified water; Disinfectant: 75% ethanol 3. 2. 2 clean hopper hopper fastening screws loosen the filling body, move the hopper, hopper purified water will be washed clean, then scrub with ethanol and hopper wall, zui after washed with purified water, dry stay put. 3. 2. 3 filling head and pipe cleaning will be purified water injection, open the machine, released from filling head will be purified water. After the use of alcohol, let stand for 10 minutes after injection, with the method of recycling, clean with purified water with the method again. 3. 2. 4 equipment outside appearance clean: with clean dishcloth touchs pure water scrubbing equipment outside appearance to no visible to the naked eye stain. 4, choose 4 zui difficult to clean bearing. 1 main ingredient narrow mouth place, choose here do embarrassed cleaning parts swab swab sampling microbial test and verify. 4. 2 thoroughly installed on the device, from a hopper with 500 ml water shower, from thoroughly take note material mouth, as chemical residues and microbiological validation samples. 5, type selection and concluded that the detection goal paste hyaluronic acid dissolved in water utility slightly soluble detergent, disinfectant, purified water, 75% ethanol solution with purified water, 75% ethanol is used after scour scrub, reoccupy after zui purified water to clean. 6, constraint specification. No visible residue appearance introspection: visual inspection. 6. 2 swab swab sampling method: microbial count is not more than 50 cfu/cotton swabs. 6. 3 final wash water sampling: pH to neutral, microbial count is not more than 50 cfu/ml.
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