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Tube filling and sealing machine for the skew adjustment methods

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-10
Tube filling and sealing machine automatic methods including parameter setting steps for the use of the device, hose feed step, initial recognition step, pressure ring fell, the compaction procedure and on the steps. Identify steps include the tag color mark sensor is used to identify the initial target hoses, to confirm the location markers on the hose is correct and the clearance value is consistent with the target. PLC according to the color code sensor provides the location information of automatic calculation hose rotation Angle needed for the cup holder. Tube filling and sealing machine, the above mentioned methods of PLC and color code sensor can accurately calculate the rotor rotation Angle, so the standard is correct. Benchmark for the first time, has the correct location of the hose directly into the next step, so you can save time in the benchmark. Hose beverage holder only rotation, without having to move up and down, the overall manufacturing cost is low. Pressure ring can be pressed at the same time at the end of the hose and hose with rotation, and the rotation of the hose resistance is very small. Tube filling and sealing machine suitable for the cosmetics, food, chemical industry, liquid, paste filling, such as mustard, toothpaste and other products packaging, auto production integration with multiple location operation, according to the demand of product process equipment.
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