Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pellet machine features and applicable industries

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-18
DZ - 40 small system of traditional Chinese medicine pill machine will all kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, especially rare medicinal herbs through crushing, mixing, taking pills, is one of the patients and medical departments are happy to accept the method. But large and medium-sized pelletizing machine frequently tens of thousands of yuan, even ten yuan, the average user could only dream of. Developed to this end, our factory produce the machine, it has been the national market nearly ten thousand units. DZ - 40 small system of traditional Chinese medicine pill machine can produce honey honey pill, concentrated pill, water pills, pills for water, food, coating and drying. Especially suitable for small companies, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factory test chamber, institute of Chinese medicine, hospital, private clinics, Chinese medicine, rare tonic pill form the food processing and sales, food factory development department. The machine at the same time accompanied by heating, spin drying device, make pills made of uniform appearance. The machine is in contact with the drug and a hood all use stainless steel, in line with the GMP standard. The machine adopts 220 v light, electricity is very convenient. Due to the use of good results, in some areas there has been a fake products, please note. This machine is used for the scope and functions: honey pill, water honey pill, water pills, coating, polishing, and drying.
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