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Thick sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-03
Thick sauce filling machine according to the manufacturer's production needs development, provide thick sauce production. Thick sauce filling machine is a semi-automatic or fully automatic filling, the device adopts the piston metering, integrating mechanical and electrical, pneumatic, controlled by PLC, compact structure, reasonable design, has the filling precision, stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, long service life, simple maintenance and so on. Adopt unique piston filling form, can be either continuous filling, filling are also free, horizontal mixing structure, ensure the sauce and mix oil, greatly improve the filling performance and the accuracy of measurement. The machine type compact, easy to operate, part contacting materials adopts stainless steel, full compliance with GMP standard, is widely used on the market at present products sauce filling machine. In addition to the thick sauce filling machine, and many automatic filling machine and large filling production line for everybody to choose to use. Jin Zong is specialized in manufacturing and selling of the filler manufacturer, with a wide variety of liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, thick sauce filling machine, the company's products adopt advanced production technology, from design to production machines use have special personnel to operate, leading products in the industry are relatively. By constantly learning new technology, research and development of new products, in filling machine intelligence, automation, modularization on a lot of contribution, played a key role for the development of the industry.
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