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The structure and working principle of the introduction of the machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-22
Coating machine is a kind of packaging equipment, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and achieved good results. For the related knowledge of the machine, we can know the roughly. The coating machine is a kind of the tablet, pill, candy, etc can be organic film coating, water soluble film, slow and controlled release package number of a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, safety, cleanliness of electromechanical integration equipment. Coating machine is applied for such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc. Coating machine is hot recently, many manufacturers distributors expresses high efficiency coating machine sell very quickly, all quick appeared in short supply situation, actually this as China's rapid development of chemical and other industries. The structure of the coating machine: adopt import stainless steel refined but become, main material is 304 - 2 b material, and can according to need probably roller 316 l material and its host door parts and inserts are made of stamping molding system, host panel and through 'light pollution' streamline, the production process are based on the enterprise product standards and reference guide to the implementation of GMP pharmaceutical enterprises to standard equipment production, easy to clean, beautiful, strong practicability, indeed for pharmaceutical industry 'GMP' acceptance specification of equipment. Working principle of the machine: high efficiency with mesh roll inside coating machine, film coating, will advance with good film coating fluid through the pump type, with tiny droplets injection into the cylinder from the side, inside the cylinder of the surface of the tablet core dissolvent volatilize rapidly and dry film. Side into the wind, side exhaust are not affect coating fluid injection mode, can make the coating liquid evenly coated in the one-sided. Experts say that efficient coating machine itself has many characteristics, such as, = total input program control system; Purify air cleanliness requirements; High efficiency, energy saving, airtight work; Production specifications, beautiful, practical, etc. Therefore, in science and technology is more and more developed in the future, coating machine will have a better development.
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