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The seven major trends of chemical equipment industry development in our country

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-16
The news from China chemical equipment association recently, accompanied by oil and chemical industry will be sustained and rapid growth during the period of '11th five-year plan', this chemical equipment industry will have great development, further expand the development space. Analysis shows that the next five years, China's oil refining and ethylene as a petrochemical leading and core; Agricultural chemical industry will be further development; For the automotive, electronics, construction and other fine chemical products and new materials, demand will promote quickly; Rise of the auto industry, will continue to drive the tire industry to develop. In addition, after China's accession to the WTO, is provide good opportunities for chemical equipment export. To infer, chemical equipment industry in China will present development trend of seven. 1. Traditional brand advantage products will still get high market share. For example, a large synthetic ammonia and urea device of high pressure vessel and other major equipment. 2. Petrochemical enterprises energy saving technical reconstruction needs of equipment and products structure adjustment will have larger development space. Chemical fertilizer plant, for example, in the Texaco slurry gasifier furnace; The radial tire rubber machinery equipment, large size mixer, cold feed extruder machine, cutting machine, vulcanizing machine, etc. 3. Energy-efficient unit equipment will have a very large market. Energy conservation is a basic national policy of the economic development in the future, energy-efficient unit equipment with industry advantage, should be as an important product development direction of the industry. 4. Environmental protection equipment development innovation will become a new growth point of chemical equipment. Equipment companies to take efforts to develop 'three wastes' treatment and comprehensive utilization and equipment with independent intellectual property rights. 5. Petrochemical plant scale enlarged equipment. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) devices, for example, using polymerization kettle will reach 85 ~ 110 cubic meters, pesticide, paint, pharmaceutical enterprises need the glass lining of reaction tank and tank to big volume, soda ash and phosphate fertilizer enterprises need to filter to the development of large size. 6. Export products and replace the imported products has great potential. Rubber tyre vulcanizing presses, etc in equipment, for example, exports have a good prospect, radial tire main equipment has a large price advantage in replace imported; Caustic soda plant of ionic membrane electrolyzer in good demand outlook. 7. Oil and chemical products storage and transportation equipment will receive certain market share. Railway tanker, tanker varieties will continue to expand, to meet the needs of different oil and chemical products transport; Container transportation is flourishing, is the direction to expand exports.
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