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The performance requirements for beverage aseptic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-28
Aseptic filling machine widely used in liquid food such as fruit juice, pulp, jam of aseptic packaging. Product can be stored at room temperature more than a year, saving low temperature refrigerating transportation costs and risks. Directly connected to sterilizer aseptic filling machine, it can be to UHT sterilization after filling the products directly to aseptic bag. Aseptic bag is lu: su composite multi-layer bag, can effectively isolate sunshine and oxygen. To ensure product quality to the greatest extent. Automatic temperature control system to regulate the temperature of the filling chamber, and USES the method of steam jet folio bag filling and sterilization room. Aseptic filling filling machine can be 1 l to 1300 l aseptic bags or aseptic packaging. The performance requirements for aseptic beverage filling machine 1. Used by the method of packaging container and seal must be suitable for aseptic filling, sealing the container must be able to stop in the process of storage and distribution of microbial penetration. At the same time, the container should have physical characteristics, in order to prevent the product of chemical change. 2. Contact with the product of the surface of the container must be disinfected before bottling. The sterilization effect associated with sterilization on the surface of the container before the pollution degree. 3. Products in the process of filling, shall have been equipment parts or any external conditions, such as the pollution of the surroundings. 4. To prevent microbial contamination, sterilization area must be sealed.
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