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The filling structure of linear filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-12
Linear filling machine is a kind of electromechanical integration equipment, because of its quantitative adjustment convenient, applicable range and was welcomed by the packaging market, widely used in daily chemical products, cosmetics and other liquid filling the atmospheric pressure, depending on the proportional valve is different, they are divided into pneumatic valve, solenoid valve and solenoid valve in the process of filling need frequent switch, easy to damage, thus gradually eliminated by the market, and pneumatic valve because of its clean and durable and recognized by the user. Linear filling machine filling structure introduces below: 1. Linear filling machine is divided into electronic control parts, transmission parts, positioning elevator parts and filling. 2. Electric control part consists of sensor, PLC and touch screen, automatic control components such as main quantitative regulation and automatic control task. 3. Transmission part of the conveyor, the bottle bottles and bottle feeding tubes. Into the cylinder driving into the knife number control the bottle, the bottle cylinder drive out of the bottle knife control number of bottle. 4. About positioning lift parts by the fixed frame, lifting cylinder, lift guide rod, reset spring, spring adjustment nut, lifting screw and guide bush of bottle. All filling quantitative Angle valve installed on the fixed frame, the filling bottle height, lifting adjusting screw driving the fixed frame to move up and down to adjust height; Under normal circumstances, with the top of the fixed frame around the return spring pressure. When about lifting cylinder, moving down the lift guide rod, a fixed frame filling bottle through the guide sleeve and bottle filling nozzle alignment, ensure filling liquid don't splash to the outside of the bottle. 5. Filling part by total inlet Angle seat valve, two four-way electromagnetic directional valve, tank and filling quantitative Angle seat valve. Total inlet Angle seat valve opened and closed by the float level switch control in the tank, filling quantitative Angle seat valve opening and closing controlled by programmable controller through calculation, the opening and closing time directly affects the accuracy of the filling accuracy.
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