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The advantage of detergent filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-08
Filling machine equipment into the factory, the emergence of automatic filling machine brought great convenience to manufacturers, today we are going to learn about the performance characteristics of detergent filling machine: 1, dishwashing liquid filling machine adopts multi-head filling machine, special filling valve, stable solid. 2, and the effective control of the filling detergent shock produced in the process of bubble, don't let the detergent overflow. 3, PLC control system, the filling process is stable and reliable, real-time monitoring of the filling amount, accurate, stable, easy to adjust, has the overload and stop protection. 4, JiGuan scope big, filling volume can be in 1 - 5 ml range adjustment ( Can be customized) 5, main sealers adopt conforms to food hygiene standard of stainless steel. 6, detergent filling machine can be connected to other equipment of automatic filling machine production line, complete with high efficiency filling. 7, detergent, liquid filling machine is suitable for various industries, viscous liquid filling. Detergent filling machine can be customized according to production process requirements, need to know more information is available to observe or consult customer service, at the same time, our company can design according to customer requirements development and transformation of automatic filling machine equipment, service is given priority to with tracking service, to ensure the interests of the manufacturer.
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