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Polypropylene heat exchanger technology installation requirements

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-09
Polypropylene is a type of heat exchanger heat exchanger, also is a kind of common types. Polypropylene heat exchanger before use, first is to install, installation is the precondition of normal use. Polypropylene heat exchanger installed on subsequent normal use, has a certain influence. During the installation process, so we must install polypropylene heat exchanger technology in strict accordance with the requirements of operation, correct installation. Technical requirements for the installation, pp polypropylene heat exchanger heat exchanger should be greater than the working pressure of 1. Do water pressure test, 5 times for steam pressure and steam part should be not less than 0. 3MPa; Hot water shall be not less than 0. 4MPa。 Under the testing pressure, maintain 10 min pressure does not drop. Polypropylene heat exchanger installed technical requirements 2, polypropylene heat exchanger front end should be left free to smoke discharge tube bundle is its head on the wall or roof distance should not be less than the length of the polypropylene heat exchanger, the channel width for operating equipment should not be less than zero. 8m。 Polypropylene heat exchanger technology requires three installation, all kinds of valves and instrumentation installation height should be convenient for operation and observation. Polypropylene heat exchanger installed technical requirements four, polypropylene heat exchanger upper attachment ( Generally refers to the relief valve) High to building structure low vertical interval shall meet the requirements of installation, and shall not be less than zero. 2m。 Polypropylene installed heat exchanger technology requirements of polypropylene heat exchanger is a standard of the process, is also the key to the correct installation. Install polypropylene heat exchanger is the precondition of normal use, is also a crucial step. Polypropylene heat exchanger technical requirements for installation, above all in the polypropylene heat exchanger in the installation process, it is important to note that we must never ignore.
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