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Liquid filling machine production line which good?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-02
Liquid filling production line adopts PLC and touch screen control automation, has accurate measurement, the structure of stable running, low noise, the adjusting range is big, filling the advantages of fast speed. In addition, it is suitable for the volatile, but the crystallization and the foaming liquid filling for rubber and plastic have strong corrosion liquid. And liquid with high viscosity and semi-fluid. Number of measurement carried out on man-machine interface, can set the required measurement, such as 1 ml or 2 ml. Touch to touch screen, and a head can fine-tune photometry. Liquid filling machine production line 1, design and product advantage of vacuum suction system to ensure no leakage in the process of filling, conveyor chain plate and the bottles and not pollution. 2, filling head and cylinder block is institution, can remove alone, does not leak liquid, will not damage to the cylinder block, cylinder durable, other seals and other parts using standard parts, replacement and maintenance easy and convenient. 3, liquid filling production line the whole machine adopts SUS34 stainless steel frame, and material contact part adopts the 316 l stainless steel, anti-corrosion effect is good. Outsourcing stainless steel and tempered glass door cover sealing body, full use of health level line, connecting parts all use quick connection interface. 4, the piston filling, filling in the barrel mouth for about 5 - 8 mm, the design of the feeding mouth to avoid the rapid filling bottle oil droplet splash and pollution phenomenon. Combined with multilevel fast, slow filling, can guarantee the high speed filling filling at full speed, and can effectively solve the high pressure filling bubble overflow phenomenon. Frequency conversion control, ego to protect more security and stability, prolong the service life of the equipment. 5, the combination of electric and accessories all provided directly by the agent, to ensure the quality and make sure that the machine is stable and reliable. 6, one-click cleaner, pull of the cylinder liner piston ring to cylinder tank, so that the cylinder liner and the residue materials into the material box set liquid trough. In order to facilitate clean or replace the material. 7, automatic filling machine three-way valve has simple structure, reliable performance, long service life, reliable sealing, the long-term use of no leakage material. 8, optimizing the operation procedures of the liquid filling machine production line, can store more than 2 set of formula parameters. When a customer fill different specifications, different density of material, can be preset parameters for storage and a key switch, operating more simple, and reduce the operating personnel's technical capability requirements. 9, liquid filling production line can be configured according to the requirements of other functional packaging products production process, to achieve full automation efficiency, can be equipped with, such as: unscramble bottle machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic stuffing machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic printing machine, packing machine and so on. 1, liquid filling machine production line is suitable for filling and capping round bottles of various materials and various shapes of bottles. 11, liquid filling machine controlled by microcomputer touch screen, so the stable running, high speed operating system USES the interface control, easy to operate, practical, high efficiency, and output counting function. 12, microcomputer self-priming peristaltic pump automatic quantitative, pneumatic induction positioning filling, filling with according to the demand structure, etc. Widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage, alcohol, cosmetics, chemical agent, liquid industry etc.
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