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Hydraulic coupler used in the mixer

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-14
Loads in the mixer equipment matches, often encounter configuration hydraulic coupler technology matches, configuration hydraulic coupler is usually under the condition of the equipment are in need of a job full of start working of configuration. Fluid coupling is in a liquid medium for work in the rigid coupling. Hydraulic coupling of the pump wheel and turbine of a work can make the liquid circulation flow airtight cavity, pump wheel and turbine respectively installed on the input or output shaft, turbine and pump wheel are radial distribution on the blade. Runtime drive hydraulic coupling of the shell of the motor and pump wheel rotation together, the pump wheel blade of the hydraulic oil is the centrifugal pump impeller. This high speed liquid after entering the turbine makes the turbine rotates under hydraulic impact, its velocity and kinetic energy increased gradually. The flow of the liquid return pump wheel finally, form the cycle. Hydraulic coupling between input shaft and output shaft by liquid contact, work there is no rigid connection between components. When the load is too large and stalling input shaft is rotating, does not cause the damage of the engine. When the load is reduced, the output shaft speed increase until close to the input shaft speed, the torque is tending to zero. The use of hydraulic coupling advantages: 1, protect the machine and equipment, to prevent the overload. When the load is too large and blocked, working liquid from fusible plug of working machine and load out of the open the machine and equipment from being damaged when starting and overload. And in operation due to the impact speed difference through coupling ease off. 2, smooth starting load device, the device in the process of starting and running, the effective isolation of the impact and torsional vibration of the equipment. The use of hydraulic coupling faults: 1 hydraulic coupling under normal circumstances is not loaded together with the frequency converter, can not effectively regulate speed equipment. 2 due to loading it is easy to form many kinetic energy hydraulic coupling, power consumption, solid does not improve the startup performance of equipment. 3 in use process can't point move equipment. 4 when overload, working liquid splash is dangerous for the operator safety hidden trouble.
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