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Filling machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-22
1. Before filling machine operation, we should clearly understand the filling machine. First, we should read the instructions again, be familiar with the adjustment of the filling machine and use. 2. In accordance with the instructions to regular repair and maintenance of the machine, to grease the filler body, make the filler body formation protection, as far as possible so we can isolate air and prevent filling machine rust. 3. We should also pay attention to clean the sealing of hot box cloth, so as not to leave any foreign matter. We should make sure that the filler as clean as possible, in order to avoid material at the entrance for a long time and cause corrosion. 4. We should often check machine, the machine contact of each part are in good condition, must ensure the safe, prevent the damage caused by incorrect use electricity. 5. When find fault, immediately shut off the power, press the stop button when necessary, exhaust after lift cover, close voltage, check the reason, troubleshooting. 6. In the linear filling machine use process, a few small problems are inevitable. When occurrence problem of filling machine, we can't blind to think, must seek filling machine for after-sales service and professional service team for repair.
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