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by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-23
Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry and special industry in the production of factory automation of filling, and can reduce the pollution of production environment and packing material, in order to ensure the automatic filling machine clean and health and safety of the filling material, need not your filling machine and pipe cleaning on a regular basis. Automatic filling machine provides a model which has the function of back filling structure, including normal pressure filling machine, used for beverage form material for sterilization sterilization pot and return line. Sterilization pot and normal pressure filling machine form through the infusion tube connection, set in the iv first pump, one end of the reflux pipe connected to the sterilization box, on the other side of the backflow pipe connected to the normal pressure filling machine form, return line set on the second pump, can reduce the workload of staff, avoid beverages liquid waste of raw materials, and have a key to clean function automatic cleaning function.
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