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The working principle of the plate heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-04
Plate heat exchanger is a series of certain the shape of corrugated metal piled up and become a new type of high efficient heat exchangers. Thin rectangular channel formed between various plate, through half a piece of heat exchange. It compared with the conventional tube and shell heat exchanger, in the same flow resistance and pump power consumption situation, its heat transfer coefficient up to a lot of, on the applicable to replace worldwide trend of tube and shell heat exchanger. Plate heat exchanger is made from thin sheet metal pressed into a certain shape of corrugated heat exchange plate, and then fold, plywood, bolts and become a kind of heat exchanger. Working fluid between two pieces of plate formation of narrow and tortuous channel flows. Cold and hot fluid through the flow channel in turn, there is a board piece separate fluid, and through the plate heat exchanger. Plate heat exchanger structure and heat transfer principle determines its compact structure, cover an area of an area small, high heat transfer efficiency, flexible operation, wide application range, small heat loss, convenient installation and cleaning, etc. The mean temperature difference of two kinds of medium can be as small as 1 ℃, the heat recovery efficiency can reach above 99%. Under the condition of the same pressure loss, plate heat exchanger heat transfer is 3 ~ 5 times that of the shell and tube heat exchanger, which covers an area of over its one-third, metal only two-thirds of its consumption. For plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, save investment of advanced heat exchange equipment. Plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of frame and plate of two parts. Plate made of various materials of thin plate with various forms of pressing shapes of corrugated grinding tool, and in the plate on the four corners of open hole Angle, used for medium flow. Plate of peripheral and Angle hole place with a rubber gasket to seal. Framework by the fixed pressure plate, pressure plate, upper and lower guide rod and clamp bolts, etc. Plate heat exchanger is the plate in the form of a stack in a fixed pressure plate, pressure plate, and then use fastening bolt clamping. Effect of different parts as follows: (1) heat transfer plate heat transfer plate is a major element in one of the heat transfer heat exchanger, generally made herringbone corrugated, depending on the fluid medium, heat transfer plate material is different also, mostly made of stainless steel and titanium. Second, the sealing gasket sealing gaskets of plate heat exchanger is mainly plays a role of sealing between heat transfer plate. Material has: nitrile rubber, epdm rubber, fluorine rubber, etc. , according to the different media with different rubber. Three, both ends on both ends of the pressure plate clamp is mainly clamping pressure shelter some heat transfer plate, ensure the fluid does not leak. Four, clamping bolt clamping bolt is mainly ACTS as fastening clamp on both ends. Clamping bolt is usually double thread, preloaded bolt, the fixed plate torque evenly. Five, the hanging rack is mainly supporting in hot plate, make its disassembly, easy cleaning, assembly, etc. Happy everday plate heat exchanger ( Jiangyin) Co. , LTD. Is a uk-based global famous manufacturers and maintenance of plate heat exchanger ARDPHELIMITED wholly owned subsidiary, is specialized in the production of detachable plate heat exchanger ( 板式换热器) Gasket, heat exchanger ( PHEGASKET) , heat exchanger, plate ( PHEPLATE) And provide maintenance services of plate heat exchanger ( PHEMAINTENANCE) Professional heat exchanger manufacturers. Happy everday, ARD) Has multiple standard chemical plant in the world and stock center, service and sales network all over the world. ARD has the world's most advanced design and production technology and professional knowledge, the most comprehensive heat exchanger has been ARD for more than 50 countries and regions of the world's petroleum, chemical, industrial, food and beverage, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, hvac and other industries provide customers high quality of plate heat exchanger, there are more than 50000 sets of plate heat exchanger work well in various industries, ARD has developed into a global leader in the field of detachable plate heat exchanger. ARD and plate heat exchanger fittings ( Heat exchanger plate heat exchanger and gasket) Global ranking first in the field of supplier and maintenance. Able to provide the world famous brand, Including: alfa laval/AlfaLaval, will g/SPX/APV/APV, base, Egypt GEA, pass/TRANTER, SWEP/SWEP, sanders/SONDEX, April. Schmidt/API. E. Schmidt, day/HISAKA, wind/Dr Kay, Massachusetts WeiFu/Thermowave, d McCabe Vicarb, east and en tai/DONGHWA, exxon ACCESSEN, MULLER, FISCHER, REHEAT, etc. ) All types of plate heat exchanger plate and gasket. About 1/5 of global plate heat exchanger are using heat exchanger of the ARD provide accessories or accept ARD maintenance services ( Include regular maintenance services such as cleaning, repair and replacement parts) 。
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