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The three dimensional mixer technical requirements

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-17
Three-dimensional mixing machine it in the cube on the three dimensional space as a unique translation, rotation, and rock movement, that the material in the mixing drum in the 'rotating flow - Translation - Reverse fall 'and so on the complex motion state, the so-called TURBULA state; Produce a pulse alternately, continuously promote the material, the turbulent motion have change the energy of the gradient, so that be mixed materials of motion of each particle has not spread in the frequent movement of each particle in the constantly change their position, produced satisfactory result of mixture. Three-dimensional mixing machine is running, the mixing barrel is a direction of action and make all kinds of material in the process of mixing, speeding up the flow and diffusion effect, at the same time avoid the general mixing machine because of centrifugal force effect produced by the specific gravity segregation and accumulation phenomenon, no dead Angle, can effectively ensure the mixing material of the best quality. Structure: three-dimensional mixing machine consists of stand, transmission system, electrical control system, motion mechanism, mixing barrel garment parts, such as direct contact with the material of the mixing barrel is made of stainless steel materials manufacturing, barrel outer wall in the body after polishing. Full compliance with GMP requirements. Three-dimensional mixing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, light industry and scientific research units, can be very evenly mixed liquid better powder or granular materials, the mixed material can achieve the best mixing condition. Because the mixing barrel has more in the direction of movement, make the barrel body of cross mixing point, mixing effect, high uniformity of up to 99. More than 9% of the maximum load factor can reach 0. 9 ( Ordinary mixer is 0. 85). , mixing time is short, high efficiency. 304 stainless steel plate 3 d mixer mixing barrel shape design is unique, the body of the ladle the finely polished, no dead Angle, no pollution materials, discharge, convenient and clean simple easy to operate etc. Note 1, the three dimensional mixer mixing is mixed in three dimensional space, within the scope of the material of the bobbin effectively contributed to add security to protect column, lest produce life safety accidents. Before starting, drum devices for stand of avoid by all means avoid accidents; 2, when loading and unloading, electric equipment must stop, in case of electrical failure cause unnecessary accidents; 1 the three dimensional mixer technology requirements. Three dimensional mixer surface should be smooth, level off, no dead Angle, easy to clean or disinfect, must not have scratches, hammer marks of printing and concave and convex inequality. 2. Three dimensional mixer in contact with the drug materials shall be corrosion resistant, doesn't change or adsorption of drugs and drug. 3. Three dimensional mixer mixing barrel and drug contact surface roughness of the maximum allowed is 0. The upper limit of 4 microns, the surface roughness Ra is 0. 8 microns. Mixing barrel should be easy to clean, after the final cleaning, mixing barrel inner surface must not have visible spot mark, its cleanliness after cleaning for chemical residues content is not greater than the ug/g. Three-dimensional mixing machine idle running, the sound pressure level is not more than 75 db noise ( 一) 。 The three dimensional mixer mixing barrel in May not appear powder leakage during operation. 4. The three dimensional mixing machine (main stress components Y type rocker arm, mixing barrel) The welding quality shall not be lower than Ⅱ level requirement of rules. Mixed uniformity M 5. The three dimensional mixer all fasteners should be reliable connection, should not have loose phenomenon. Three-dimensional mixing machine should be flexible, and reliable operation; Pollution is not permitted in lubrication part that the phenomenon of the working environment; Downtime, the discharge valve should be in the lowest position. 6. 。 The three dimensional mixer drive shaft running direction should be consistent with the direction of the drive shaft running logo. Three dimensional mixer operation should be smooth, no crawling phenomenon in inorganic binding situation. In determining the technical parameters, material after fully mixing, mixing evenness M should reach 99%.
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