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The three dimensional mixer mixture density and viscosity control

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-17
Three dimensional mixer can know that it's actually from literal meaning on three-dimensional three-dimensional exercise, may be a unique translation, rotation or rock movement may also be alone, it is to make the material within the mixing barrel in complex motion state, so that to produce a pulse of alternating, can continuously course materials. Because the movement of turbulence will have a change of energy gradient, so that you can make by mixing materials in their respective particle with different motion, and spread in the frequent movement of each particle in the constantly change their position, can produce satisfactory result of mixture. When three dimensional mixer in the operation process, because of its hybrid barrel containing multiple directions of operation action, so that it can make all kinds of material in the process of mixing intangible accelerated flow and diffusion effect, but at the same time also avoid like general hybrid opportunities because under the action of centrifugal force generated by the specific gravity segregation and accumulation phenomenon, and can be mixed with no dead Angle, so that it can effectively ensure the best quality of blended material. Then the three dimensional mixer equipment in operation will have what advantage? ( 1) Three-dimensional mixing machine due to its advanced structure, easy operation and convenient operation, etc. , there is no bearing at the bottom of the cantilever type double helix axis, because it can eliminate the bottom of the bearing of the powder and cause of fault, thus greatly shorten the time. ( 2) In the operation of three dimensional mixer mixing speed, and the quality is uniform. ( 3) The three dimensional mixer energy-saving effect is also very significant in the middle of the process. ( 4) The three dimensional mixer mixing preparation stability, and stratification and segregation phenomenon will not occur. In the working process of the three-dimensional mixing machine, if the viscosity of the mixture is not high, it can stir in time is not long time in a random mixing state; But if with high viscosity and slowly, it need a mix of time will also grow long. Its density is mainly based on the control of different ingredients, mixing solution and the effects of the shear mixing and strong turbulence to dense liquid into small droplets of dispersed evenly to the main liquid. Is because mixture flow rate must be greater than the settling velocity of the droplet, so in principle conforms to the principle of three dimensional mixer in the run, because the direction of the mixing barrel has a diversified operation, it can make all kinds of material in the mixing process, accelerate the flow and diffusion effect, this also can avoid general mixture produced by centrifugal force, so the phenomenon of specific gravity segregation and accumulation, can effectively guarantee the quality of the best mixture material.
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