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The filler filling of the filling error automatically

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-25
Industry for liquid, paste products growing need for packaging, automatic filling machine widely used food, daily chemical products, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industry such as manufacturers, explained the following automatic filling machine filling speed error caused by: 1, if the material in the process of filling due to a large number of shocks and prone to bubbles, and filling the oil cylinder is in the oil absorption process, it is easy to make air being into a cylinder, and the filling accuracy is not accurate. 2, filling machine, cylinder sealing may cause error, the commonly used automatic filling machine will choose stainless steel material, the quality of the materials determines the filler sealing and filling quality, if oil cylinder sealing and leakage fault, the filling accuracy will reduce naturally. 3, if the filler automatically filling speed is too fast, the material in the closing time will not be able to adapt to the filling pressure in the container, and the outside air into the cylinder, so as to form the air in the cylinder, resulting in the error of the liquid filling the filler amount. Temperature will cause an error in the semi-automatic liquid filling machine, it refers to the natural material the difference in temperature of cooling and the external environment will also directly affect the temperature of the product. Automatic filling machine when filling should pay attention to these little details, to ensure the accuracy of filling accuracy, Jin Zong filler filling manufacturers have a wealth of production experience, professional after-sale team, filling machine equipment demand can contact us.
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