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by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-26
Modern industrial equipment and components such as chemical and energy USES a variety of structural materials, in addition to the common use of carbon steel, the extensive use of stainless steel and some also use titanium, copper, aluminum and other materials. Chose appropriate industrial cleaner for industrial equipment can not only play the role of clean, also have the effect of the equipment, but if the choice of industrial cleaning agents, not only for industrial equipment, the effect was not clean, possible serious damage to equipment. Now, let's look at the applicability of the detergent industry. 1. Chemical cleaning equipment damage caused by 1. 1 air cooler aluminum fin pickling in a petrochemical plant aromatic combination plant have more air cooler, hydrocarbon, carbon steel tube outside aluminum finned tube through the fan drum wind cooling. The long run, the deposited dirt on the aluminum fin greasy, affect the cooling effect, need to spray cleaning, used 5% HCl + Lan826 or 5% HNO3 + surfactant + Lan826 + surfactant; Although basic 8 cities to remove surface dirt oil, but aluminum fin is not light, add a small amount of HF in the detergent. By spray, is 'brand-new' aluminum fin surface, but look carefully aluminum fin is serious, some even as thin as paper. 1. 2 titanium copper complex chemical cleaning water and a petrochemical plant ethylene plant using seawater cooling after water device, the original use brass tube bundle, due to the leakage after use titanium tube bundle, shell for carbon steel, on both sides of the water chamber or head is still in the original brass cladding. The shell side of the tube side walk sea water, steam, run by a phase, shell side deposition containing silicon iron oxide scale need to be cleaned, a company USES 10% HNO3 + 0. HF + 5% solid corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitors can only avoid steel shell, not slow HF of titanium tubes, pickling time control can be 1 h, but many times pickling titanium tube still thinning. Basic no dirty water tube side go, but the manufacturer required to monitor cleaning, in the shell side of the cleaned acid needn't have passivation of titanium tubes, but the construction staff acted with sodium nitrite ( Plus ammonia adjust pH) Passivation, such not only drugs? Good fee, and because of ammonification and six shaw acid sodium copper can cause corrosion of water indoor wall composite, and may induce SCC. After the prompt, eliminate the passivation solution and again repeatedly washed with water purification, to avoid an accident. 1. Three copper cooler and a petrochemical plant chemical cleaning air conditioning system is composed of copper cooler and carbon steel pipe and so on, due to the scale of cooling effect is poor, with 4% ammonium citrate, 85 ~ 90 ℃ cleaning, copper pipe perforation leakage occurs, use after weld repairs to restore. By scaling a year later, parking clean again, for the sake of safety, 10% amino sulfonic acid + Lan826, 50 ℃ hot water with acid liquid by-products produced by the plant, to thoroughly remove thick scale, cleaning time lasted for 8 h, results copper tube leakage occurs, analysis of the reason may be the cleaning time is too long, the original leak brazing defects, descaling cause leakage. May also be pickling temperature above 60 ℃, amino sulfonic acid decompose naturally acidic ammonium sulphate, and cause. 1. 4 power plant boiler superheater pickling and cracking of a power plant boiler superheater coil department by 18 Eight stainless steel, department by CrMo steel manufacturing, 3% citric acid + 0. 2% if ding corrosion inhibitor cleaning, 70 ~ 100 ℃ for 24 h, stainless steel pipe cracking during commissioning and the slanting eyes and electron microscope analysis, because CI - Cause of SCC. If domestic butyl composition containing 50% NaCl, which is the fundamental cause of SCC. 1. A petrochemical plant 5 hydrocracking heat exchanger acidification and cracking hydrocracking two 18 8 stainless steel of high pressure heat exchanger, due to coke deposition oil dirty cleaning, according to a certain unit coke scale experience cleaning of carbon steel heat exchanger, using 95% sulfuric acid ( W as 98%) + 5% ~ 98% nitric acid) Washed three times over the years by the cleaning, the first two cleaning is normal, no abnormal phenomenon, driving when pickling after 20 min 3 times because of the violent reactions resting pickling, alkali neutralization, reoccupy water washed a lot. But not long drive, a heat exchanger tubes for fracture, cause combustion. To examine two heat exchanger core pulling, by CI - microscopy, electron microscopy and energy spectrum analysis ,S - Cause SCC, induced rupture due to the strong - H2SO4 concentrated HNO3 cleaning for many times, at the bottom of the heat exchanger corner Sally soap wash thoroughly, causing - H2SO4 + Cl - Enrichment and cause SCC in the dirt, may also contain CI - Even more sulfuric acid induced SCC. ( 页面) 1. 6 PTA stainless steel/titanium hydrogenation reactor caustic washing and cracking a hydrogenation reactor by the PTA plant of petrochemical factory introduction material for three-layer composite ( Carbon steel + 304 l + titanium) , but without using titanium cladding welding structure, and make the stainless steel weld in the process of medium.
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