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Pressure vessel and its application

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-28
In most countries to develop in the specification, will still be the container wall cylinder is changed into uniform stress of thin film processing, film stress to describe the stress level of the whole container. Each part of the container, however, the actual stress state is complex, so the design used more bigger safety coefficient. In order to avoid the container brittle failure, in addition to the requirements for material has sufficient strength, but also impact value, etc. In actual use, the destruction of the pressure vessel is mostly due to corrosion, fatigue, irradiation, and too much defects existing in the vessel wall and so on reasons, so sometimes the strength of the conventional design closely enough, should also be the difference between different conditions of the special design. Such as the high temperature pressure vessel must be lasting strength calculation, because in this case the temperature have a significant impact on the performance of the material; For the operating pressure or temperature frequent changes of pressure vessel, pressure or temperature repeated movements may cause fatigue failure, for this kind of pressure vessel shall be for fatigue strength design; In the presence of defects, but also according to the theory of fatigue crack growth estimate is made of the service life of the container. One of the important reasons caused a lot of pressure vessel accident is to choose material improperly. For example, USES the poor weldability of welded steel pressure vessel, is easy to cracks in welding joint; Some nickel chromium stainless steel pressure vessel, often because of the steel grade or improper selection, in use in the form of intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion destruction; When choosing ferritic steel manufacturing cryogenic pressure vessels, such as the change of steel temperature is higher than the working temperature of container, the container work prone to brittle failure. Material should not only consider the mechanical strength of the pressure vessel requirements, also need to consider its corrosion resistance. Medium composition, temperature and pressure and other operating conditions, often has great effect on the corrosion resistance of materials. In order to guarantee the safety of pressure vessel is used, at the time of manufacture must be in accordance with the relevant standards, specifications, raw materials and processing of pressure vessel manufacturing process, strict quality inspection, therefore, to put into operation of the pressure vessel and the need for regular inspection. Pressure vessel inspection content mainly has: the material chemical composition and mechanical properties of conventional physical and chemical inspection; Various performance test of the welding joint; All kinds of defects existing in the various parts for the pressure vessel NDT; With higher than the operating pressure of liquid pressure test was carried out on the container, etc. The quality inspection an important role in the process of pressure vessel manufacturing. In some of the reactor pressure vessel production cycle, half of the time are used for the quality inspection.
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