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High doses of filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-17
Is currently used for liquid filling, not only can be used for liquid liquid, can also be used for all kinds of viscous liquid, adopt touch screen set various data, this machine high sensitivity, measured accurately, cleaning maintenance is convenient. High-dose filling machine also increased the degree of automation of new PLC control system, through the application of this technology, not only automate the bottling production, equipment and can configure various function, such as automatic machine, automatic stuffing machine, etc. , for the manufacturers to improve the production efficiency, also reduced the excessive intervention for artificial, to ensure the safety and health of automatic filling equipment, and make the production more intelligent. High-dose filling machine in cosmetic product, cosmetic, chemical, food industries especially, various types of products and will inevitably lead to replacement liquid filling machine, large dose liquid filler has extensive filling capacity, can meet the all liquid materials, water on the market. Viscous liquid and so on all can satisfy filling, along with a variety of specifications.
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