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Full automatic liquid packaging equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-05
Full automatic liquid filling packing device suitable for soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil, detergent, disinfectant cosmetic product liquid and so on the timing of filling material, are all made of stainless steel materials, corrosion protection of environmental protection, health, beauty, working liquor quantitative filler can adapt to different environment, in line with the GMP standards. Using open-top tank, and equipped with automatic level control system, the large extent improve the production efficiency, and solves the other type filling machine at the overflow phenomenon, is the preferred product for liquid filling equipment. Full automatic liquid packaging equipment characteristics: 1, automatic bottled liquid filling production line of stainless steel manufacturing, not only beautiful and can satisfy the requirement of the corrosive liquid and health food packaging. 2, automatic quantitative liquid filling production line simple and compact structure, convenient adjustment, can be finished in a short time change of different specifications of the container. 3, adopting PLC control, stable operation, high efficiency and wide applicability. To control the machine by setting the filling weight filling amount, accurate measurement. 4, in Chinese this operation, the picture intuitive and easy to operate. 5, automatic bottled liquid filling production line in the process of filling, no bubbles, no drip, no wiredrawing, polluting the container port. 6, full automatic liquid packaging equipment full compatibility: all kinds of glass, ceramics, plastic bottles and other round containers which can realize full automatic operation, special-shaped bottle by artificial processing can realize automation or half automation operations. This function is very convenient with the original various bottle line connection. 7, normal pressure filling without vacuum pump, the system is advanced, made careful, flexible motion, electricity saving, stable operation. 8, no broken bottles: the elastic TuoPing device, without being limited by the bottle height, and crooked neck bottle recycling bottle does not reach the designated position automatic reset, it won't break the bottle machine. 9, the machine start without impact, from low to high speed running, to protect equipment. 1, the amount of the equipment is equipped with an automatic continuous adjustable device, high precision, electric control, convenient operation, filling quantity of digital display, let you adjust accurate and convenient.
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