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Bottled water filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-15
1. Bottled water filling machine has compact structure, control system perfect, convenient operation, high automation degree, etc. 2. Parts in contact with the material is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. 3. Liquid filling machine with high precision, high speed quantitative filling valve, liquid level and accurate, and no fluid loss, ensure the quality of excellent filling. 4. Constant torque device for the bottle cap, ensure the quality of the cap, not damage the cap. 5. Using the lid of the system, has a perfect feed and protection devices. 6. Have a perfect cleaning management system to ensure that the quality of filling before washing. 7. Change the bottle shape only by changing the star wheel and curved panels. The operation is simple and convenient. 8. Improve the overload protection device, effectively protect the machine and operator's safety. 9. Liquid filling machine adopts frequency conversion motor, can easily adjust production capacity. 1. Main electric components, frequency converter, photoelectric switch, close to switch, electric control valve and so on all use mitsubishi, omron, schneider imported parts, ensure the machine performance is good. 11. Control system with water level automatic control, lack of cover detection alarm, washing bottle, automatic stop alarm, shifts the output count, etc. , 12. Bottled water filling machine USES display control each filling head filling speed, filling capacity, filling in the form of digital adjustment. 13. Bottled water filling machine can be combined a variety of automated production equipment, joint production, such as cap unscrewing machine, labeling machine, printing machine, packing machine, etc. , an unmanned process automation.
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