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ZP - after improvement 17D/19D( GMP) Fully enclosed frequency conversion tablet press

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-19
Tablet press ZP - after improvement 17D/19D( GMP) Totally enclosed frequency tablet press Jin Zong ZP - production 17/19 type rotary tablet press, for decades, the national customer recognized is the most durable, the two machines are still in production. Due to the situation, many customers need to the GMP standard to tablet production, so I plant a series of improvements were made on the basis of the original machine: lower stainless steel closed, closed upper with open organic glass, and used the frequency control of motor speed, but a vacuum cleaner to external. The other with the original ZP - 17/19 tablet press is the same. Below is a ZP - will be sent to the shandong weihai 19D( GMP) Totally enclosed frequency tablet press, now will be published appearance figure set, for customers to understand. Note: ZP - 17 d with ZP - 19 d two machine appearance is same, but the die number and specification is different, each has its advantages, please specific consulting clients to buy.
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