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The paper filling and sealing machine constant innovation and development

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-08
Filling and sealing machine is in the company, on the basis of filling machine series, reference foreign advanced filling machine of modification and skills, products, its structure increasingly reasonable briefly, degree is high, the operation more simple. Filling and sealing machine use note: 1, shall not apply to the metal containers and metal cover, more can't counter metal press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine. 2, in the whole power supply must first into air induction plug, and lock screw. 3, single-phase three-wire system using the power cord, in order to make the operator safety, be sure to use single-phase three-wire system power socket, workplaces surface must be dry, to adhere to the insulation. 4, filling and sealing machine is equipped with temperature overheat active maintenance function, when the temperature of the machine is overheating, built-in buzzer nights & other; Abnormal maintenance ( 箴。 医学博士。 ) ” Yellow indicator, this moment should always shut off power switch, standby inner cooling end after the buzzer, continue my homework. 5, operation process should be often contact surface of induction head, see whether overheating, such as found difficult should stop heating, stay cool again after operation ( Cooling can not pass the power) ,“ To prepare ( 预热) ” When the green light is not bright, do not press the start button, so as to avoid false triggering. After filling and sealing machine homework, please turn off the power switch panel. 6, equipment safety wire is, cannot substitute is greater than the safe. 7, filling and sealing machine with high pressure, bottom charged, it is strictly prohibited to repair, lest the person get an electric shock. 8, if found to have wire before using bare should stop using the machine, to repair the rear can use. 9, filling and sealing machine, transport, storage, when using can't touch, pressure, be affected with damp be affected with damp. 10, when acceptance of products out of the view that in the normal shipping and packing sound, such as found in the zero of products not in conformity with the packing list should be timely to the company. 11, according to use instruction, using operation should know in advance, if discover the product manufacturing quality problems, within the time limit prescribed by the company, the equipment warranty for half a year and is responsible for the repair. Filling and sealing machine in developing not only can speed up the development, will also introduce new skills, on the basis of the integration, to achieve the initiative, intelligence, and makes the filling and sealing machine is all the more perfect, more and more powerful. Hope to corresponding filling and sealing machine production speed progress, but more importantly, on the basis of the progress to ensure the stability of the equipment. Future planning should use standardized, modular programming ideas, can make full use of the modular programming of original filling and sealing machine, can be in a short period of time will be converted to new models, the new models of price control in a reasonable range. Control function of intelligent control system is the brain of a mechanical equipment, also is the central equipment of motion instructions. Constantly make different development is a persistent action, want to immortal, science and technology in the market set is different. Introduce the foreign skills are necessary, but and not blindly imitate, let's have their own thoughts and set different local, developing appropriate domestic market of the filling and sealing machine, only in this way can have a bigger development space in the skills, win in counterparts.
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