The daily maintenance and maintenance of filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-10
1. Regularly check grounding line equipment, reliable contact request; Often clean weighing platform; Check whether pneumatic pipeline leak, whether tracheal rupture. 2. Reducer should be replaced every year of lubricating oil, check the chain of firmness, timely adjust the tension. 3. The sensor is a device for sealing, high accuracy and high sensitivity. It is forbidden to collision and overload. 4. If long time stop, we should clear the material in the pipeline. 5. Before going to work every day, to observe combination of pneumatic coupling water filters and fuel injector. If the water is too much, keep clear of in time; If there isn't enough oil, timely refueling; 6. Production of mechanical parts inspection and observation, often see rotation and lifting is normal, without exception, whether screw loose; 7. To do a good job of cleaning and hygiene, keep the machine surface clean, often remove the scales of the weight, pay attention to keep the electric tank clean.
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