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Heat exchanger equipment operation and maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-11
【 Students question] Heat exchanger equipment operation and maintenance? 【 Answer 】 1, equipment before use should check whether the pressure bolt is loose, A compact size is in accordance with the instructions specified in the size, such as do not conform to the regulations, should put the bolt uniform, to the specified size. 2 water pressure experiment, response equipment before use, the pressure testing, respectively, on both sides of cold and hot test pressure for the operating pressure of 1. 25 times, the holding time for 30 minutes, the sealing parts can be put into use without any leakage. 3, when the equipment is used for sanitary requirements higher or the pharmaceutical industry, food industry before using response equipment for cleaning and disinfection, sterilization equipment in the oil and impurities. 4, when the operating medium contains a lot of sediment or other sundry, before the equipment should have a filter unit. Import and export of over 5, cold and hot medium should press equipment clamp plate marking to connect, otherwise, will affect the equipment operation performance. 6, equipment operation, should slow injection liquid on the low voltage side, and then inject high side liquid. When parking should slow cutting high side fluids, to cut off the low voltage side hydraulic fluid. 7, equipment after a long run, plate surface will produce different levels of scale or sediment, which can reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase flow resistance, thus equipment should be checked regularly open, remove dirt. In the past two years, plate heat exchanger of the online cleaning technology to get a promotion, the cleaning process is relatively simple and implements the teardown cleaning, to quickly improve equipment in thermal efficiency has played a good role in promoting. It is important to including the selection of cleaning agent, for some of the import of plate heat exchanger wall thin qualities, the traditional method of acidic cleaner and corrosion inhibitors may cause equipment corrosion, serious when even will cause corrosion leakage, it also become a part of the manufacturer for cleaning off a big reason. But so far as f the teck cleaner research and development success and long-term practice, can direct contact with human body skin, corrosion problems of equipment is almost negligible. 8, the damaged board should be replaced in a timely manner, without the standby board piece, under the permission, you can remove the two adjacent plate ( Note: remove the plates should not be reversing plate, and should be with four holes of the plate) , at the same time corresponding to reduce pressure size A ( Demolition of a plate, BR0. Type 3 size 13 mm, reduce compaction device BR0. 5 type equipment compact size 9 mm) 。 9, maintenance, for the aging sealing gasket should be replaced, loss of gasket should be back glue, glue into should be cleaning the gasket groove, coated with bonding agent, to straighten gasket in place. The above content are according to the students the problems in the practical work of finishing, for your reference, if there is any question, please timely communication, correct.
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